Vegas and a New Baby Grandson!

Had a wonderful time in Las Vegas this past weekend, celebrating my neices 13th birthday.  We went and saw the Donny and Marie show at the flamingo…one of the best shows I have ever seen!  They are such showmen and down to earth, humorous and just great!  Then it was a full day of shopping, eating, lookin around vegas and getting extremely exhausted.  But it was worth it!  Just remember…what I spent in vegas stays in vegas…LOL.  Seriously, it was fun and a nice get away for me.

And on the way back home I got a call  from my husband that our grandson was going to be born via C section.  He was several weeks early, but mom and baby were in distress so it was the best thing for both of them.  Wyatt was born at 3 lbs 1 oz yesterday afternoon.  He has a full head of blonde hair and looks a lot like his older brother!  He is a beauty!  After arriving home from vegas my husband and I quickly loaded up the car and headed to the hospital so that we could see the new gift that was given to our family.  Because Wyatt is in the NICU technically no one is supposed to get in to see him.  But, Stacey was all alone, and so the nurses took pity on a poor old grandpa and let my husband accompany stacey into the NICU where she got her real first peak at the baby….and she got to hold him.  Her daddy was so proud…what an amazing miracle that wyatt is breathing on his own, his heart is healthy and he a strong little man.  God is good! I think really the best part for me was watching my husband and his reaction to our new grand baby.  He was all smiles, so proud and happy.  Made me fall in love with him even more!

3 thoughts on “Vegas and a New Baby Grandson!

  1. Lori Schmidt Lutze says:

    I’m with you———-I LOVE Donny and Marie! They are just good, wholesome, clean fun. And cute, too. Now I wan’t to go see them…………..

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