It’s been a long week…

So, here we are at the end of another week.  This has been a busy one for all of us.  Little Wyatt was born last sunday, premature, so this week has been one of visits to the hospital to see mom and baby and, of course, taking pictures.  And we got lucky enough to have big brother Troy stay here with us for a couple of nights this week too.  Lots of planning for my daughters hopeful trip to Beijing this summer, has kept us running here and there.  And my son has been up early mornings all week practicing for the jazz festival competition that happened in Flagstaff today.  No real news yet on how they did except one text that said they “rocked”.  My oldest daughter has been telling us non stop stories of her new job with autistic kids that she started a few weeks ago.  She loves it!!!  And my aunt and uncle are in town from Wisconsin so there was a big family dinner this week with them along with my neice who was in town from MN to take the bar exam. I wish her the best of luck on that!!!   On top of all of that Spencer (step son) came for a visit this week, we haven’t spent time with him in quite  a while.  It was great to see him and have him here.  All the kids missed each other, it was quite obvious, and they enjoyed spending time laughing and just being together again. 

My step daughter (Wyatt’s mommy) came home from the hospital today.  I think she is happy to be back home again, able to just “be” instead of living in a hospital.  She looks great and is handling everything with wyatt so well. 

I finally got an apt for the MRI on my back.   The insurance company decided that instead of just doing the upper spine they want the entire spine this time…I have already had the lower back done but I guess they want it again.  i am just glad to be finally getting it done.  I need to come to a diagnosis and some way to fix what is going on there.  It has been a long haul.  The older I get the less pain I can handle it seems.  I’m a whimp LOL. 

so, here are a few more photos of the baby.  He really is a tiny little angel!  And a miracle!  God’ grace is truly amazing!

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