MRI, bad teeth, babies!

I got the results of the MRI on my back.  it’s alittle bit scary news, but I am just rolllin with it right now and trying not to get too worked up over things.  Here’s the thing, apparently I have some bulging discs but in those discs are nerves that are being compressed.  But the way they are wrapped and compressed is sort of precarious and dangerous.  Meaning, that if it continues I could be paralyzed…not good.  So, I am seeing a neurologist first so that he can determine the best way to proceed with the whole thing.  That’s the news on the MRI!

along with all of this, my teeth are really havin some problems.  this has been going on for a while, but because of the new meds that I have been on, the steroids and the rest of it, my teeth are unhealthy.  They are breaking off and every time my lips swell up, which they did this week, it seems I have more teeth issues.  I need to see a dentist but I am so afraid…I have never been a fan of the dentist anyway, but I know that the major amount of work that needs to be done is going to cost a mint, which I don’t have, and the pain will be horrendous as well.  But, I guess I need to have it all done!  Sad but true.

As far as the new grand baby, he is doing amazing.  He has gained a bit of weight, his length  has gotten longer, he is drinking from a bottle, and just doing so well for the tiny little man that he is.  It is a joy to see him every time we go to visit.  Tomorrow I get to have his big brother spend the night with us, which is always a treat.  We will be going to see my son’s band concert..he will be playing with both concert bands and the jazz band..and I think my grand son will love it.  So, with all the negative that is happening in my life right now, there are always blessings and happy moments that I cling to and hold on to.  One thing I have learned about having lupus, you learn to grab a hold of those joyous moments no matter how small they  may seem to someone else, to me they are the light that keeps me going!  And that’s what I am doin…keeping on!

3 thoughts on “MRI, bad teeth, babies!

  1. myprecious87 says:

    thats one adorable little baby

    i cant imagine how you feel about your mri results but all i know is hope makes miracles
    your one blessed lady knowing to be able to find strength and joy no matter 🙂

  2. Lois says:

    One of the best things I ever did was get rid of my rotten teeth!!! An oral surgeon removed them and the pain really was minimal even when they stuck the uppers in right after surgery. They just felt like wooden teeth for awhile. It seemed like before, every time I bit into something another tooth broke. I couldn’t afford all the root canals plus crown builds and crowns. The false teeth were cheaper!! Course I had a divorce settlement to pay for them with. Anyway, I’m sorry you are having multiple problems and they pretty much all involve pain!! It must be so hard!! I’m happy Wyatt is doing well. He’s amazing!! Have fun at the band concert! All of our concerts start next week and I’m dreading them because of botched piano playing by the weird piano player! I love you!! Me

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