***BREAKING NEWS: New grandbaby finally comes home.

I haven’t been here in a while.  Life has been a little hectic…and a little unhealthy…as of late.  Our new grandbaby was born February 21…he was premature, only weighing about 3 lbs…so his hospital visit was a lengthy one.  We were so excited for him to come home, especially his big brother who could only see him in pictures and a couple times through the hospital glass.  Finally, yesterday he got to come home.  It was a great day for everyone!

Meanwhile, I spent most of last week laid up with the flu…bad flu…and of course when you are a lupus fighter you worry that things will get worse instead of better.  So, I tried my hardest to stay in bed, rest, drink lots of fluids and take all the medication the doctor told me to.  It’s hard when you have kids that need to be run from here to there, and a business (which is really totally run by  my hubby who does an amazing job with it) that you have to go to now and a again…it’s hard to feel totally great about needing to stay in bed and rest.  And, of course there is the household things that don’t get done and all of that besides.  But I am feeling so  much better now and I’m gonna keep taking care of myself so that I can hold that precious baby whenever he needs to be held (or when he doesn’t need to be held :). 

The kids have spring break this week so they have been busy with, well, sleeping mostly.  Jake, of course, has had his band practices and little dates with his girlfriend…how weird is it that my baby boy is old enough to go on dates with a girlfriend?  How and when did I get this old?  Anyway, I digress…it has been a busy week, lots of stuff goin on. 

God is good..He has done great things in my life.  And seeing the tiny little one that has now become a part of this family makes me even more grateful for the life that I have.  I love watching my daughters light up when they see my grandkids..even though they are “step”, our family is blended, they adore them with no hint that there is any difference in how we became a family.  There have certainly been difficult times in this life.  It has not been easy and I know my kids have had their fair share of sadness and hurt during the years.  I so admire them for their love and their open hearts, for their spirit of love and generosity.  I’m very proud of them.

So, here are a few photos of the baby and his homecoming…it was truly a highlight of our life!

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