my Reille Hunter rant….

Okay, so I’ve seen all the TV coverage, the people magazine articles, Elizabeth Edwards on The Today Show, GMA etc etc.  So, I figured to get the flip side of the story, even though I really detest the very thought of mistresses and their typical “blame game” of the wife…I needed to read Miss Hunters side of the Story in GQ magazine.  I tried my hardest to keep an open mind about her, to try to remember she is a mom, has a child to worry about with Mr. Edwards.  And so I read.

Well, my opinion of her didn’t change much…except to maybe like her even less.  From the get go of her story she tries really hard to justify her actions by, again, blaming the wife…or the “toxic marriage” between John and Elizabeth Edwards.  I will say it again…if you have a bad marriage, one that is not salvagable, GET “Out of it before moving on to someone else.  No matter how messed up your marriage is, having an affair is not going to help the situation, and it WILL, take it from one who knows, it will make this 100 times worse then if you had just ended it to begin with.

She talks about thier first meeting and that it was incorrectly told originally, in Elizabeth Edwards book.  Well, let me say that Miss Hunters version of their initial meeting didn’t make it seem any better or make her look more innocent.  The first words out of her mouth to John Edwards were “you’re hot”….INNAPPROPRIATE!!!  And she wasn’t a teenager, or a little twenty something woman.  She was a middle aged woman who should have known better.  And then later that day she had a meeting with him  WHERE????  Not in a resturant or diner, like most normal people have a business meeting…it was in his hotel room.  She describes this un believable attraction the moment they saw each other…they couldn’t stop staring…etc etc…so she decides to meet  him in his  hotel room!  She justifys it by saying he is a ‘celebrity” and that is the norm for them….Duh…it is also the norm for them to lie and cheat on their spouses…(enter Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie!)

We go on from there to how they slept together in that first meeting in his hotel room…I have a hard time believing she didn’t know that was going to happen given the way she describes their initial “attraction” to each other…and she KNEW he as married.  The whole thing is so inappropriate…not just on her part but on Mr. Edwards part as well. 

She talks about him being such a humanitarian, that he never lies to HER???  Guess what…men who cheat on their wives LIE to thier mistresses!  Any one who believes differently is naive!  She mentions the renewal of vows between John Edwards and his wife and how he called her and told her “it didn’t mean anything”…all the while telling his wife this was a new beginning..and she defends him as if he is a man of such strong moral character…Huh!!!!

And there is all the money that was put in her bank account….$5000.00 a month…and it was supposedly because Edwards Associate didn’t think Miss hunter should be spending her own money to visit “Johnny” when he was traveling.  Wow, I wish someone would pay me $5000.00 a month to travel all over the country!  What a lovely gift!  On the one hand she claims to be a smart woman…on the other…well you can figure it out!

She places no blame on John Edwards for the affair, for hurting his wife and kids, she places the blame on Elizabeth Edwards.  She takes no responsibility herself for any problems that have gone on in that marriage.  Whether there were problems in the marriage or not…she does bear responsibility along with Mr. Edwards for her behavior.   And she is living on blind faith that everything that Mr. Edwards told her about his life is the absolute truth.  Hmmmm…..

Like many mistresses I have read about, who speak out about their affairs, there is no remorse, no apologies, no taking of responsibility.  I’m sorry, but jumpin in bed with a man you know is married, whether the marriage is good bad or otherwise, is a choice…for both parties.  And the fact that society as a whole has begun to look on infidelity as trivial or the norm is appalling to  me!

As a woman who has been cheated on I can tell you that once it has happened you are never the same.  There is no trust anymore.  You question yourself, your choices, your life and all the years you wasted on a marriage that ended in ruin.  And, it is said that an affair cannot happen in a marriage that has no problems.  All I can say to that is show me a married couple that says they have no problems and I will show you the mayors of fantasy land.  Marriage is problems, it is conflict, it is two human beings trying to cohabitate in the same space, 24/7.  That is difficult at best.  So, if an affiar is going to happen in a marriage with problems, probably no one should ever marry!  We should all just sleep around, have kids with various people and forget the whole prospect of a committed relationship.  And, should miss hunter end up with Mr. Edwards, I would wager that she will spend most of her life looking over her shoulder for the woman who will be the one to take her place!

So, that is my Reille hunter rant for the day!  I’m sure her parents would be so proud of her accomplishments!!!!!

3 thoughts on “my Reille Hunter rant….

  1. Lois says:

    Love your Rielle Hunter Rant!!! I totally feel the same way!! Those of us who have experienced unfaithful spouses know how devastating it is. I would assume that given her track record, Rielle will some day experience such pain — we could hope anyway. Hope that she gets hit with the reality stick of what pain she has caused along with John Edwards. Makes me just want to scream with rage smack dab in their faces!!! Talking do my ex’s #2, she has apologized and shown great remorse for what she did with the ex. It was comforting to know that neither trusted the other. Duh, wonder why? I can only think that #3 will have the same trust issues!! Someday, it will be Rielle and John who can’t trust because they know the truth of what they themselves have done!! Of course it is possible that they have ignored their consciences for so long that they no longer exist!! Arrrrgh!!

  2. lwayswright says:

    It truly amazes me how these other woman of famous husbands are making so much money off of infidelity and hurting others. And those of us who have been there, who have suffered infidelity, sit and watch, in amazement at the spectacle of it all! What has our society become???

  3. Lois says:

    I am thankful tho that I don’t have to see my husband and his lover(s) in People magazine or on tv. At least I can pretty much accomplish staying away from a view of them together and don’t have to read a blow by blow account of their oh, so happy new lives together! Now there’s Sandra Bullock having to go through this and the public humilation of it all. Should be the husband and mistress only who experience the humiliation but when there is infidelity, the WHOLE family suffers!! I hate infidelity sooooooooooooooooooooooo much!! It causes such GREAT pain!!

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