Home loan modification???? Yeah Right!!!!!

Another day, another rant!  I won’t even get started on the health care bill passing, because I’m afraid it would take up too much space here on wordpress!!!  But, suffice it to say, as a person with a chronic illness, and a small business owner…well…we are pretty much screwed!!!!  Enough said!

Now on to home loan modification!  My hubby and I are among the millions of families who have struggled over the last few years to make ends meet.  For those of you who read my blog you know that my husband lost his job and was out of work for almost a year before he started his own business…(which he is working so hard at and I’m so proud of him for!)  So, we went to our friendly mortgage lender, and, with the confidence we had been given by our new President, and all the “change” he had in store for our lives here in the US, we applied for a loan modification!  We were told, what we thought, was everything we needed to know, what forms to fill out, what information to send our lender, and proceeded to do all that was necessary to get the help we needed.  We were told by our lender that if we did everything correctly, and sent in all the information they requested, we were sure to be given our modification.  Afterall, our new president had set in place this amazing program to help all of us in need, get the help we needed!!!!  They told us we needed to send in, for three months consecutively, the new payment amount they had figured out for us, in order to prove we could make the payments each month.  So, starting last July, we began vigilently making those payments.  Three months later we checked in again with our lender and everything was a go, and we were on our way!  So, for almost a whole year now we have been making those payments, checking in occassionally to make sure everything was still on track..we were assured all was well.  That is until our March payment came back in the mail with a letter saying…”the payment is not enough to cover the debt”.  What?????

So, we called the number on the letter…guess what…it wasn’t even the right number for us to call.  Three phone numbers later and transferred to three different people till we finally reached a supervisor, we were told that underwriting had “denied our modification.    Excuuuuuse me????  Why were we denied?  We asked.   You will never believe the answer….here it is…wait for it…..WE MAKE TOO MUCH TO QUALIFY FOR OBAMA’S MODIFICATION AND NOT ENOUGH TO QUALIFY FOR THE LENDERS MODIFICATION!!!  Are you kidding me???? 

So, for a year we have done our due diligence, made our payments, and crossed every T and dotted every I.  And, got nothing.  So then I asked “were we ever going to be told  that we were denied the loan mod?”  “Well,” said the supervisor in his superior tone…” according to our records a letter will be going out in 7-14 days.”  Awww how sweet…they want to give us 2 weeks to come up with 30,000 bucks or sell our house, find a new place to live, pack all our stuff up and move.  And, guess what…all those amazing underwriters who just decided our life for us…no one is allowed to talk to them..they are untouchable.  Yet they are the same people who, through bad loans a few years ago, got our country to the wonderful place it is right now.  They are also the same people who recently recieved bonuses for their amazing work this past year.  I’m sure some of that bonus money came from what we sent in over the last year…You are welcome, Mr. Banker/Crook!

Am I a little angry?  Yes I am.  Do I feel as if our government, at this point, is no better then some communists trying to take over?  you bet!  OH and just to top it off…those bankers…those government employees…they don’t need to worry about health care either…cuz we all are paying for that too!!!

I do have faith that God will get us through this…that He will take care of us and this chaotic life we live.  Somehow, someway He will make beauty come of all this!  But today…I’m really questioning why things can’t be just a little bit easier now and then…why does it always have to be so hard????

end of rant for the day!  Here are some more photos of the new baby…there is at least one bright spot in an otherwise not so great day!

One thought on “Home loan modification???? Yeah Right!!!!!

  1. Lois says:

    Oh, my goodness!!! This is just so completely outrageous!! And these are the people who are also in control of our healthcare now. Gives a person such confidence for the future!! NOT!! It’s amazing how many government programs don’t apply to so many people. Who on earth actually gets the help? 3 people in the country who actually make that secret, magic amount the government has determined qualifies for help? I’m so sorry you have to go through yet another trial!! Are those the same 3 people for whom the healthcare reform will actually work? Crazy!!

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