I don’t like…..

I have an issue with liars, or cheaters, or theives.  I  have issues with things being taken from me, especially things that I need for my health, and then possibly sold, or given, to others who could potentially use them to hurt themselves or others.  That’s what has happened to me this week.  And when it is done by people who I know, people who I care about that makes it even worse.   I am writing this for one reason only.  As a warning to all those parents out there who have prescription medications around their homes. 

Hide them.  Put them in locked cabinets, gun cabinets, anywhere that kids have no access to.  I truly thought I was doin my due diligence by putting them in my purse along my bed, in my locked bedroom at night while I was a sleep.  But not even that was enough of a deterrent to keep them safe.  I feel violated and unsafe in my own home.  I feel hurt that someone who is supposed to be a part of my own family would use me in this manner, and I am worried that some little kid out there is taking something that is really going to mess them up.

And to you, the  person who took my medication…the stuff that I need on a daily basis to help me live, to keep my quality of life to a point that it is manageable, first of all SHAME ON YOU!  I deserve so much better from you then that.  Secondly,you need to get some help, and the sooner the better.  You are sliding down a slope that once you get to a certain point there may be no return.  You are a loved individual with many family members who want to see no harm come to you, who want nothing but good things for your life…get some help! Please!

I guess there is really nothing else to say!

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