Arizona Illegal immigration law

Time for another rant from your favorite blogging ranter!  First let me say I am not a politician.  I am simply a resident of the state of Arizona.  I live in Phoenix and have lived here for over 23 years.  Over the years I have watched the problem of illegal immigration become bigger and bigger and more and more dangerous.  Not only that, I have watched our childrens education change with more money being spent to pay for education for kids of illegal immigrants.  Now, granted, it isn’t the fault of those kids, they were, most of them, born here so they are not here illegally, however thier parents are!  And we, the citizens of Arizona, paying for their education, and our kids education is suffering because of it.  Case in point…I have kids who are in special ed.  Over the past 10 years special education funding has been cut in our public schools in Arizona in order to increase the money to pay for funding of “english learning” classes for those kids who are here by way of illegal immigration.  I am paying for those kids to learn english, while their parents are here illegally, and my kids, who need special education, and I am here legally, are suffering because of it…just one example.

Then there are the coyotes who buy, sell and trade human beings for money, to get them across the border, often times for prostitution, drug dealers and the like.  We were watching TV about a month ago and the news broke in with a police chase of a white pick up truck driving through town.  The police had tried to pull the truck over because the driver was driving irradically.  The truck did pull over however as soon as the officer pulled up behind the truck the truck sped away and so a chase ensued. Now, it wasn’t a high speed chase.  The truck was tracked not only on the ground but by air as well.  It was a slow speed chase through town, side streets, and freeways, however, there were a few very close calls with cars where the truck almost had a couple of, what would have been, very bad collisions with other drivers who were merely minding their own business.  After what seemed like a very long police chase the truck finally pulled into a front yard and two people climbed out of the front seat of the truck and laid down on the ground.  Thinking it was over the police officers cuffed the men and went with guns drawn to look at the rest of the truck.  And to their surprise, hiding under a peice of plywood in the bed of the truck was about 12 illegals, and inside the truck climbed out about 12 more.  It looked like one of those clown cars from the circus with all those people climbing out.  They just never stopped coming out, more and more and more.  Can you imagine how many people would have been hurt if there had been an accident???  And the cost to AZ law enforcement for that chase and now to process those folks in the truck and to send them back to where they came from.  That is not an isolated incident.  These kinds of things happen everyday, several times a day in arizona.  A drop house raided, someone kidnapped and held against their will to be sold into slavery, drug killing, people dying in the desert trying to cross the border.  Every day!  Don’t get me wrong, I feel for people who don’t want to be where they live, who are being mistreated in the countries they live in.  There are atrocities all over this world.  But guess what, we as americans cannot get into Mexico without a passport, we cannot get into england, paris, Israel, Iran, Iraq without a passport, visa proper papers to allow us in.  And if we try we would be thrown into some really horrible prisons, places that are worse then our worst nightmares and we would have a hec of a time getting out.  But in the US if you are an illegal you are sent to a prison and treated decently, fed 3 squares a day, room and board paid for by the american citizen! 

I have a brother in law who is a police officer and they have been arresting illegal immigrants for years.  It is not racial profiling anymore then arresting drug dealers is “medical” profiling.  Illegal immigrants are just that ILLEGAL!!!!!  They can’t just single someone out because of the color of their skin.  There has to be other mitigating circumstances, as in the case of the truck I mentioned earlier.  Alot like the seat belt law.  If you are pulled over for another traffic violation at that time you can be sighted for not wearing your seatbelt! 

That is my rant for the day!

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