Mother, daughter, Sister Tatts, for lupus awareness month

Yesterday my daughters sister and I all went to the tattoo parlor and got matching tattoos to comemorate lupus awareness month.  Typically I am really careful about doing stuff like that to my body, because anything out of the ordinary tends to make me ill, but, this time I took a little bit of a chance and, along with my loved ones, got a symbol of our solidarity to fight this disease as long as I am alive to try to find a cure!  Since may is lupus awareness month we thought there was no better time then now to have them done.  So, monday we all got together and began searching the web for something meaningful and different to have tattoed.  We found that in a lot of circles the dandelion is a symbol used to represent lupus, the blowing away of the little seeds into the wind, releasing and living life to its fullest, and going wherever the wind leads you…not letting this disease dictate where you can go, but fighting, flying, and believing that life can still be beautiful even though there is an evil sickness lurking inside!  It seems that now a days every illness uses the same ribbon theme, only a different color, and lupus is no different.  The color for lupus is purple.  And a ribbon is often used, also a butterfly which would also go along the same lines as a dandelion…flying freely through life and not allowing the illness to hold you back, but we went with the dandelion, with a little purple added in for the color of lupus.  It was a great time of togetherness for us, and a very cool way for all of us to express our committment to stand together and not allow this illness to beat any of us…especially me!  So, I hope you enjoy these photos of our “lupus awareness tattoo day”!

2 thoughts on “Mother, daughter, Sister Tatts, for lupus awareness month

  1. marcellina sawyer says:

    i have lupus…12 yrs and i am writing a book about my life…”Life, love,and Lupus”. Look for it! Love the tattoos!

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