Mom and Dad’s final resting place.

It’s summer here in Phoenix, which is really difficult for someone with Lupus…at least it is for this someone with lupus.  I always have much worse symptoms in the summer time.  The heat increases my migraines, joint pain and back pain increases, and fatigue becomes almost unbearable.  In general the summer is just difficult.  I spend the bulk of it praying that it will pass quickly and that winter will arrive soon.  This summer the major health event I have had so far is the pulling of all my teeth.  It isn’t exactly the most attractive thing nor is it the most comfortable thing I have ever been through.  But it was a necessary evil brought on by the use of steroids to stabilize various infections and things over the years.  As all of us with lupus knows medications are amazing things and do help a lot but some can have some nasty side affects.  So, I am now patiently waiting for my mouth to heal so that I can have some teeth inserted into my mouth…what I wouldn’t give for a nice juicy steak!!!!!!  I do have a set of flippers that I wear when I go out in public so that I don’t scare a way small children and animals! 

We have found great humor in me being a toothless woman however.  There are many words that take on whole new meanings when said without teeth…and some things become quite creepy as a matter of fact.  I have learned how to make my self look a bit like a vampire, like a walrus and have a bitter beer face.  It doesn’t lend itself to very romantic moods however..which is somewhat unfortunate and makes me wonder when exactly my husband will go looking for another woman….at least until I get some teeth!  There are times with this disease when one can lose all self esteem and feel very small.  It gets depressing and I often feel lonely and like no one really knows what life is like for me, and it is difficult to explain it to them.  I remember asking my husband one night, not long after I had my teeth pulled “how can you even look at me, and want to kiss me?  I’m just a toothless woman.”  And he looked at me with this amazing look of love and he said “Lori, your toothlessness is the absolute last thing I see when I am with you!  I see a brave woman, and I love you!”  Those words meant the world to me that night. 

One of the things that we have done this summer is finally put my parents in their final resting place.  It is the new church home being built for community of Grace Church which is the church that was started by my brother.  My parents were alive when the church began and it is exactly where they would want to be.  So, now that the building is to a point that they could be laid to rest there we had a little memorial service for them and they are finally home!  I thought I would share a couple videos of the little service with you all.  I love and Miss you Mom and Dad!

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