Pirates, Hawaii, Life, Love, Laughter

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It has been a while since I have written.  There has been a lot going on in life…which I am sure is true for everyone!  The biggest thing is that we took a trip across the ocean to Hawaii to see our daughter Carolyn, her hubby barry and our two wonderful Grandkids.  Having lupus can always make the prospect of traveling a bit scary or daunting.  There are the medications that have to be ordered, enough to get you through the entire trip, checkups to be done just to make sure you’re not dealing with some unknown ailment before you leave, as well as all the other things that go a long with going on a trip.  But, I was so excited to go, there was nothing that was going to get in the way of this vacation for us.  So, on August 6, my husband, my son and daughter set off on the long airplane ride over the sea (did I mention I am terrified of airplanes?) to the Island of Oahu!

Oh my what a trip we had.  There was snorkeling, Pearl harbor, diamond head (which I made it more then half way up!), shopping, body surfing, luaus, stalking pirate ships, and plenty of exploring.  The weather was perfect.  And for someone who is basically, for all intense and purposes, allergic to the sun, the constant cloudyness, and light breezes made it a sheer delight to be outside enjoying God’s amazing wonders and miraculous beauty.  We laughed a lot, ate a lot, spent a lot of time together just talking and really getting to know each other in different and deeper ways.  And then there was….


The fourth movie in the Saga is filming on Oahu, which we did not know.  But, we managed to get a peek at the pirate ship while at the Luau.  So, we decided that it certainly couldn’t be that hard to find  a pirate ship hiding on that little Island.  So we went on a hunting expedition.  And, guess what….we found the ship.  And we managed to get some great photos of it.  According to the bouncer who actually kicked us off the set sending us to the end of the pier to watch the ship sail off for a day of filming, Capt Barbosa was aboard as well as the enchanting Johnny Depp!  It was thrilling and exciting and well, about as close to real celebrity as I will ever get in my lifetime I’m sure.

But there were also some very moving moments a long the way.  One moment for me was a very simple one.  We went to a movie on the base, which is where we stayed while on vacation.  The movie theater was quite old..maybe from the 40’s or before.  But, before the movie began a film clip came up showing footage of different wars that we have fought in, different presidents addressing our troops, and during the clip the star spangled banner played.  And standing all around me were military men and women with their families, standing at attention, paying honor and respect to our flag, in this old building that had seen hundreds of other men and women just like them pass through, some who had never come home after fighting for our country.  It was so moving. 

Standing in the command room of the Battleship Missouri with a Navy Capt who kindly turned all the lights off, and then engaged all the ship lights, the control lights, radar screens, to give us a sense of what it was like the day pearl harbor was hit.  Feeling the awe and wonder of what it must have been like to be a soldier in that little room, trying to figure out how to save this ship, and the others around them.  Truly a goose bumpy moment. 

I did have a few lupus issues, but I managed to keep them well hidden from my family, and just  moved a long from day to day, enjoying each moment with them.  It was really a trip unlike any other.  I’m grateful that we had the opportunity to go together!

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