New year, new post…catchy huh?

So, I haven’t posted in a long time. So my resolution is to try to get back on the ball and write more about life and living life as a lupus warrior. This past year has been full of ups and downs for me. Let’s face it 2011 was not the easiest year for most of us.And I know like everyone else I am hoping that 2012 brings better times for all of us.Butfort those of us living with chronic illness like lupus, fibromyalgia etc, life goes on in an up and down pattern. And often the hardest part is getting our loved onesand those around us to really understand what it feels like to be in our shoes, feel what we feel andunderstand how we have to live. These growing pains plague us throughout our disease. There willbe moments of tension and moments when we, the warriors, will want to throw our hands in the air and say I give up.the thing I have had to keeptelling myself over and overagain is that my loved ones mean well, they are trying to keep me around as long as possible, and they want to feel like they arehelping.

Don’t get me wrong. There are days when I want to push them all away and tell them to leave me alone. I often stuff my true feelings because sometimes they miss the boat on what I really need from them. But the reality is, to have people who love me and care enough to look out for me is a blessing. Some people don’t have that at all.

I heard someone say once that they described lupus to someone by saying that that persons worst day with the flu was her best day with lupus. I thought that was a pretty good explanation. I describe it as a cancer that never, ever goes away. It just keeps eating at you little bylittle, day by day. And some days you just pray for it to end. It is relentless, like a termite eating away at a house, moving from one room to the next. You can bring in exterminAtors to try to kill them, but lupus is like the desert. The termites never go away. They keep coming back to chew up some more.

So, this newyear I am going to writeabout my ups and downs, my good bad and ugly. And I hope you’ll join me for theride. And I hope you willshare with me and we can support each other, share with each other. And we can fight the beast of chronic illness together. Happy new year everyone.

3 thoughts on “New year, new post…catchy huh?

  1. Dawn Phillips- Pesola says:

    Hello! Found your website while trying to find pictures of what a lupus rash can look like. You posted some a while back – they look just like my daughters. Small, red, open sores. I’m wondering what the doctor gave you for your rash – oor did he/she even confirm that it was from lupus? Myd aughter, 19 years old, has had the worst rash/welts on her face, chest and back – but the doctor is no help! I have picutres to share.

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