I remember, I weep.

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Date: Wed, Sep 19, 2012 1:28 am
September 19, 2012 

I remember
Holding hands as we fell asleep
Our faces nearly touching
Breathing each others breath
Feeling the pulse beating the love in our heart.
I remember
Waking together,
Talking and laughing as you got ready for work
Sharing a bagel, 
Sharing a kiss.
I remember
Movies and popcorn
Dinners and long walks
Vacations and romance
I remember
Laughter over funny things kids say
Tears of sorrow when we lost our grandson
Tears of joy when the next little one was born
And the joy of watching them grow
I remember 
Pain of illness striking our reality
Learning to deal and live in our changing world
Fear of paths chosen by wayward loved ones
Praying they would be safe
Seeking counsel for help and understanding

I weep over
The loss of love and understanding
Turning our backs instead of holding hands
Silence where there once was laughter and conversation
I mourn the emptiness in my heart
Where once grandchildren resided
And while not related naturally
Related by love, by nurture, related by hugs, kisses
And a grandmothers heart.
I don't understand
How there could be love, and family, and laughter and caring
That's been replaced with anger, resentment, abandonment and despair!

Where did I go wrong?
Where did we go wrong?

I remember....
And I weep!

Lori gumm2012

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