Loneliness, one, single, alone

I’ve never wanted to be single. As long as I can remember I wanted to be married, be a mom, have a family. And now I find myself single and alone. Some people have said that once they became single it was very freeing, they felt independant. That’s not me. I don’t particularly enjoy being alone. In fact I enjoyed being married. I miss the companionship, the having someone to talk to at night, someone to share my life with.  We didn’t have a perfect marriage by any stretch of the imagination, but we had a connection. So what do I do with all this alone time? What do I do with my loneliness? I have heard all the advice, find a hobby, get a job, which I have done, try to move on. All of which I have done. But those things do not fill the void in my heart. Hopefully one day I will figure it all out! No one wants to be lonely the rest of their lives!

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