Paula Deen, felons and hypocrisy in America

Typically I don’t write much about pop culture or the comings and goings of celebrities ( congrats to Kane and Kim on birth of daughter North West; really? What kind of name is that?) but I digress. I am not totally certain of the circumstances surrounding Paula Deens lawsuit of the admission that she has used racial charged verbiage in the past. However there are a few thoughts that come to mind. 1. How long ago did she use them and what was the context or situation that caused that? I mean come on was she in her own home in private speaking to family members or something of the like? Because if I were monitored 24/7 on everything I ever said God forbid! I am not saying it is ever okay to use those words, but it’s not okay to use a lot of words in my opinion!

And why is it ok for rappers (and not only black rappers use those words) why can they use them with no repruccussions? And finally, she is now glossing jobs because oft the use of these words. So, tell me why is it okay for a football player to be charged with felonies but yet retain his job and endorsements? And recently baseball players was charged with a felony , was incarcerated however got to leave prison each day to go play baseball. Politicians do some horrible things that are much worse then using a bad word yet keep there jobs, their status and all the hoopla that goes with it! Now I’m not saying that I am condoning her behavior, however our country has gotten such a warped sense of right, wrong and how to treat these things. Howe about an honest apology for using bad words? Is nt that a bit more realistic then losing a job? Just a thought!

4 thoughts on “Paula Deen, felons and hypocrisy in America

  1. SS says:

    Evidently being PC today isn’t assigned to everyone, only a selected few. Little Wayne stomps on the flag and almost all the Rappers use the “N” word in every song, the Black community use the “N” word in their daily conversation but they are not ascribed the same scrutiny as others>or fired for saying the “N” word in their home in the 60s. Is “Honkey” a PC word? Just wondering?

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