We all have dreams. No matter how old we are there are those hopes, those dreams that continue to tug at our heart strings. I am no stranger to dreaming. I am no stranger to wishing for a happily ever after. And, like most people, I am no stranger to having dreams shattered. For instance, I still dream of that day when my Prince Charming will rush in on his white stallion, sweep me off my feet and carry me away to that castle in the magical kingdom far far away. I have kissed so many frogs that you would think that by now I would’ve found him. But, no. I don’t give up hope though. Maybe that’s not a very realistic dream, maybe it is, whos to say? My daughter seems to think that I am still young enough and have enough life left in me to find my true love, my soul mate. Alas, like me, she’s a believer in dreams. I also have always dreamed of writing a book. I know, in order to get published you actually have to write words down in a way that makes sense.  And I have done that, more times then I can count. And one day, I may just find a publisher who is interested in what I have to say. I keep hoping.

one thing I do know for sure and that is that God dreams with me. He believes in me and my dreams way more then anyone on earth ever could. And I truly believe that He has put those dreams in my heart. I have been through some very ugly stuff in my life; heartbreak, wounds of the spirit that I thought could never heal. Some would say that those struggles are brought only to make us stronger. Honestly, I think that Jesus weeps with me when my heart breaks. I believe that he is In heaven hurting with me when my body is filled with the pain that comes from living with lupus. He doesn’t want to see me cry, or scream in anger and frustration, He doesn’t send horrible things to my life to teach me some sort of lesson. I think he can use those trials to strengthen me. But the reality is that He rejoices with me in my successes. He laughs with me when I laugh. He cheers me on toward victory. And, I think He wants to see my dreams come true. He is the ultimate realization of love to all of us.

So, will I find true love? I sure hope so. Will I get published? Who knows, but I will keep trying. And right along side of me will be my biggest cheerleader, Jesus!

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