Carrie Bradshaw

Wow I never thought I would be living the life of Carrie Bradshaw ( albeit not quite so glamourously) but here I am 50 years of age and dating…dating really strange people!  First of all let me say that dating in your ummm…mid range part of life, is not as fun or nearly as exciting as it is in your 20’s or even 30’s. In fact it is down right exhausting.  The online dating websites charge an arm and a leg to be a part of them, so if you are a girl on a budget as I am, you have to settle for the free sites.  Along with the free sites I would have to say come many more, shall we say, interesting people.  Getting dressed up to go on a date when you know in your gut it will end up to be some odd person that you would never consider bringing home to dad let alone your kids is a bit disheartening, however it does lend itself to some humorous storytelling.  

Consider if you will this scenario.  I will call him Frank the Doctor.  Frank and I began talking on line approximately a month and a half ago.  First I only would correspond via the wonderful website (free website) that I am a part of that I will call “great match cupid”.  Afterall I don’t want anyone to get their feelings hurt or ruffle any feathers.  Frank and I seemed to have a good deal in common on the surface of it all.  And that’s all it was…surface.  Finally after a few short messages back and forth on the website and studying his profile thouroughly, I gave him my email address (one made up for online dating of course) and we began emailing lengthier exchanges.  It seemed to be going okay, we joked a lot, had some good conversation, so I finally relented and gave him my phone number.  Text only!  So, we texted for a while.  Then finally…out of the blue…he called me.  I was a little taken aback but I went with it.  

Things were going really smoothly.  WE were laughing, flirting a litlle bit, I told him about my kids, he told me about…well he didn’t have any kids.  Nor had he ever been married.  And that in and of itself really didn’t bother me much.  I just figured, doctor, lots of school, lots of bills blah blah blah.  Then he mentioned that he remembered that i had said that my brothers were pastors.  I said yep that’s true.  He said “Well, you probably shouldn’t introduce me to them.”  RED FLAG!  “Why not” I said. “Because”, he said, “the bible is not real.  Jesus is not really God, he was elected as a diety by some council in 300 AD.”  I sat there with my mouth wide open and finally said “You’re joking right?”  

“No, I am not joking.  ANyone who believes that garbage is seriously naive.  Jesus was nothing more then a man that people liked for the job, to perpetuate the lie.”  WOW!

I quickly told him that I thought he and I were going to have issues.  That’s when he proceded to tell me that yes, in fact we would have issues because I have no brain and only believe what people tell me.  I have no knowledge, have never studied up on religion and am clueless.  “Wait a minute Buddy”! Which took my daughter by surprise.  “My faith is very important to me, and perhaps I should have brought it up sooner but on  your profile you stated you are a christian and your religion is important to you as well.”  HE proceded then to tell me that that is what women like me want to hear so that is what he put.  I quickly hung up the phone and deleted his number, texts and any memory that he was in the circle of my life in any way!  

Lesson learned.  Ask the faith question up front no matter what their profile says!  

Yep I am an old Carrie bradshaw with bargain basement clothes, target shoes, I have an apartment not a flat or brown stone, and Big doesnt drive up in a limo to take my breath away.  But because I honestly love relationship, companionship and love, I will continue on this weird and twisted roller coaster of dating.  I am seriously relying on God to bring the right one my way…but until them I sure am learning a lot about my fellow man!

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