Nervous thoughts…positive attitudes.

I am going through a time in my life where there are many changes going on all at once.  My daughter has moved in with her sister and now my amazing son in laws mom is going to be moving in with me.  I am actuallly excited to go through this transition, have the two perspective grandmas in one home…it will be fun.  I am also trying to figure out what I want to do dating wise.  I was on a dating site, met a nice guy on there, thought maybe it could be something and then bam out of the blue he just dropped me like a hot potato.  ANd it isn’t like I had fallen in love with him, it just made me really question if I want to go through all this dating nonsense again at this age of life.  Now if God could drop down a nice guy who could love this woman with all her faults and issues, I would go for that.  But the other way is so much work.  

Here’s what I miss from relationship…I miss cuddling at night.  I miss holding hands.  I miss talking at the end of the day. So, maybe all I need is a nice pillow…hmm there’s a thought! LOL  Actually the right attitude, the positive out look is a must once you hit this age and you have no other person.  It’s not easy to find that guy or girl when you are a little bit headed toward the other side of that hill.  And for me, I already know the three perfect guys are already married, and they are related…my brothers.  They don’t make em like those guys any more.  

So, I will continue to try to be postive, try to think happy thoughts and dating…I will be nervous but maybe one day it will all work out!

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