Father’s Day, old dads and new dads

I miss my dad.  I’m just gonna lay it out there.  My life has not been the same since dad passed away.  My dad was a force greater then life.  He was loud, and boisterous, he was funny and very strong in his views on how the world should be run. And he loved Jesus. And, he loved his family.  I never ever doubted my father’s love.  Never questioned if he loved me or my siblings.  I knew he did. I knew he would die for any one of us.  And I knew he adored my mom.  I wanted a life like that. Don’t get me wrong…mom and dad had their issues through out life.  They were far from perfect.  But they did love.  

And now my daughter will be having a baby of her own, my grandson, her dad’s grandson, and her husband will be a daddy.  I have no doubt that he will be an amazing dad who will had down incredible memories and legacies to his son.  In fact I am very proud to say that he will be my grandson’s dad.  I’m so excited to see them become parents.  It is going to be a joy to watch.  

Father’s Day is often underplayed or overlooked which I think is really sad.  In this day and age it is difficult to find a good dad out there, and I think the true amazing dad’s should be celebrated, loved on and totally made to feel honored at least on this one day a year.  

So, here is to all you dads, who work so hard to make ends meet for your families, who help with homework, help putting kids to bed, the dads that cook dinner and read books, the dad’s that play baseball and run with the dogs in the back yard.  All you men who go the extra mile for your families to keep them together and happy.  I applaud all of you.  Happy Father’s Day!!!