The New Man In my LIfe….




My Life has made an amazing and happy change…well a couple actually. I became a grandma! August 25, 2014 my handsome little grandson Oliver was born. I will never forget looking into his little eyes and falling madly deeply in love with him. It took all of about 1 second for that to happen. He was so tiny, and his eyes looked everywhere, taking in every sight and hearing every sound this huge family was making. And I became hooked into his little fingers immediately. Every little change that he makes from day to day is exquisite. He is smiling now, and cooing and laughing. And he makes any day that seems even the littlest bit dim brighter again.

I also found a new job. And yes it is the perfect job for me. It is in an accounting and tax office. Now if you are thinking “what in the world does she know about either of those things?” You would be right to ask. I really know nothing. But I do know people skills, I do know how to be kind, how to answer phones, how to help with computer things, make appointments for people, and I know how to laugh because quite honestly we do a lot of that in our office. I work in a place with a couple of other women who have similar health issues to my won which makes things so much easier. WE understand each other. WE get how important it is to laugh at our selves but at the same time take things seriously enough so as to try to make each day worth living. So, God has blessed me immensely. He has given me this grandson that is beyond what I could have imagined. I now have a job that is perfect for me. And I have new friends.
Christmas is coming…the great news is that I got a couple of my presents early!!!!

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