Life is never what it seems….

Life never seems to go quite as planned does it! I’m living proof of that. One day things seem so good, life seems to be moving along the way you hoped, you have someone by your side that you hope to grow old with, you plan and dream of the future. And then in one fell swoop its all whisked away from you. You are a single somebody all over again. Your support system, or what you thought was your support system is yanked away and you have to begin facing the good, bad, and ugly alone. And when you have a disease like lupus the gaping hole of being alone is a frightening abyss in the pit of your stomach.

Well, that’s where life is for me. So now I move on to the picking up of my bootstraps and moving on with this life. Lupus rests for no one and typically stress causes it to rear its ugly head even more then usual. So, I’m on a break from life right now, in a safe place, a place where I feel loved and cared about, trying to figure it all out. One way or another I know god has a plan for my life. I hope it’s a smoother easier plan then it has been so far.

Keep on swimming, keep on swimming…..


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