My baby’s 8th grade promotion day!!!!

Jake, Hubby and me!!!!I am so proud…he has worked really hard through dyslexia, and struggles with that since kindergarten and made it into highschool.  And…he got good grades, is a wonder at the trombone, and made mama proud today.

5 thoughts on “My baby’s 8th grade promotion day!!!!

  1. Permanent Ink says:

    This is great. I congratulate him on his hard work and determination. He will go far..
    It’s nice to see that family still means something..FYI:
    My youngest, Aaron has just finished 8th grade. Off to high school he goes.

  2. Queen Ebong says:

    Watching your own kids grow brings you so much joy in this world.

    I know am late and I have read that he is in high school now, but all the same CONGRATS!!!.

    I can imagine how happy you and your husband were.
    I didnt grow up with both parents together, but whenever I come home with good grades, I always see this glow in my mother’s eyes. And whenever I also call my dad to tell him I got good grades, I could feel his smile and happiness.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    Take care

    Queen Ebong
    Calabar, Nigeria.

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