New beginnings

A new beginning
A brand new day!
A monumental moment
I’m starting on my way.
I’m turning all the pages
A new chapter in my life
I lived too long enduring
The sadness and the strife!
I’m giving me a chance now
I’m gaining some new ground
Each day I get stronger
I’m making myself proud!
It’s not an easy road I travel
There are those who would never dare
To break those chains that held me
It’s true life’s not always fair.
My heart was so wrapped up
In a man who claimed such love
I had to unwrap those chains
It’s my turn to fly like a dove
There will be twists and turns
Valleys and mountains to climb
It’s a journey I must take
It’s going to take me some time
I’ve built such heavy walls up
To protect what’s been broken and scarred
The bricks are made of marble
Tearing them down will be hard!
But I’m on my way to newness
A new life I’ve begun
And in time I do believe that
I’ll see the beauty of the sun!

Lori gumm2012

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