Politics,stress and the insanity of it all!

I have decided that one of, if not the only season that I could live without in my life is the political season!! This election has been especially brutal. Not only are the politicians horrible to one another in how they behave, which is such a sad example to our young people of how people should treat each other, but within families and friendships people get mean, say mean things, assume that because one person doesn’t agree with them they are uninformed, stupid, just a little lamb following along! I keep wondering what happened to people being allowed to have their own opinion without being beat down for that view! But now you can’t say anything, especially if you are a conservative, without being thought of as a racist, ignorant or just plain dumb! I for one am tired of it! I am a 50 year old woman, my views and opinions have been brought about by a lot of years of living and watching this country! I’m not stupid, nor am I a racist, bigot or ignorant! I am an American, with a freedom to believe and feel what I think is right for me!!

I guess it’s just easier to keep ones political views to oneself then to incur the wrath of those on the other side!! ..that’s very sad!

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