How did the world get this way?

While watching the American Music Awards on sunday night I found myself feeling very old and “out of it”.  But upon further reflection I  have discovered that what has really happened is that the world has gone completely bonkers.  There was so much bleeping out of words, so many times when I thought to myself “how inappropriate is that, and these are the people our kids look up to”.  And then came Adam Lamberts “performance” if you can even call it that.  I was shocked, appalled and quite honestly sickened by the whole thing.  I remember watching American Idol thinking that he was so talented, he had so much potential.  I remember thinking that God had given him a gift that he would hopefully use well!

guess what…I’m not so sure he is using the gift well!  It is just my opinion, but, his performance was so explicit and just plain wrong that I was really glad I wasn’t watching it with my kids.  I had hoped to purchase  his CD when it came out thinking it would be a great one to have.  Now, I won’t buy it! 

So, when did the world, people in the world, decide that behavior like that was okay on TV and that ‘we” all wanted to see it???  I guess I’m thinking that surely someone knew that the performance was going to be like that, and maybe a disclaimer or possibly those awards shows that are so disturbing, where they can’t even play entire songs without bleeping out half the words, should be on a cable network instead of a regular channel!  I believe in free speech, but there is a limit to what I want to see on TV.  And yes I could have not watched the show, however, there were a lot of other artists on the show who were wonderful and have amazing talent and were appropriate for a Sunday evening viewing.  What happened to our world?  To our sense of what is decent?  What is pure and right?  Adam Lambert’s performance was none of that!

Just my humble opinion.

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