Gotta post this video….

It’s been a pretty busy weekend so far.  We’ve been looking at some houses.  found some nice places.  I’m sure we will find the perfect spot for us!  We went to watch my neice and my brother in law do a dance show case this evening. It was  alot of fun.  We actually have gift certificates to take some dance classes.  So tonight after the showcase the instructors pulled us up onto the dance floor and gave us sort of an impromptu lesson and taught us a crash course in the merenge (if that’s how you spell it).  Well, after I broke a hip, was kicked off the floor by an 80 year old woman who was much better then me and was asked repeatedly to never return to the dance place, I decided we didn’t do so badly for our first time out! LOL.  Seriously, we had a good time.  We will be going back soon to take an actual class.  I will have to be careful, because I was pretty worn out just after that one dance, as sad as that is.  but it was fun.

So, on to the video.  This is my grandson, who is only 8 weeks old, trying to hold up his head…he was born premature at 2 lbs 8 oz, he is only under 6 lbs now.  He actually looks more like he is trying to crawl or perhaps run a marathon in this video rather then just lift his head.  He has amazing strength for such a little guy!  What a little trooper he is!

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